Team at work - team at rest- great success

The team you have as a planner is what make of every event a success! Let me tell you a little abt myself : I plan events since a whole. And trust me I did cone across every sort of vendor in this business- every sort of style, budget, personality and nationality – What makes

Best Quotes and Motto’a

Best Quotes and Motto’a

Each one of us has a preferred motto, phrase, idea and Guru or any life insuring human being who said it . List it here ! Lets see the most popular and beautiful . I love the ones who help you stand up and stand out ! “People are always blaming their circumstances for what

caribbean wedidng ceremony views

Destination activities

Ok – finally you decide on your perfect spot and location for the destination wedding – what are the next steps ???? Indeed many – but fun! One thing you need to think of is that a destination wedding is a also a celebration of being together and for many a holiday – so check

Coktalis negroni

Cocktails and Italy are not exactly the perfect blend …but think about it: Italy is the home of many cocktails and liqueurs that have become famous worldwide like martini e rossi, aperol , cinzano and many more. Sparkling cocktails has made the Italian Aperitivo a real Star : Rossini, Bellini, Tiziano,Mimosa and authentic italian cocktails

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Destination wedding are increasing year by year, and when your save the date goes out: you plan having 50 guests and you end up with more. This is a normal trend, usually you would have a 10%-20% off your invitations. Here are some tips to: Make all come Make some reject It is all up

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How many times you searched you destination on the web: Tuscany villa, Chianti hotel, castle in Tuscany, villas Italy…all true, all correct key words to view something on the web, A magical tool we use too….but never trust totally what you see on the web. Go and check it out ! It might be better

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Travelling in Italy for your wedding you will see many historical villas and castles, and each of these villas will have a small inside chapel that is warm, intimate, just your little spot. Can get married here ? well, you can for sure do a commitment with a religious or civil officiator, but the wedding

view of Portofino - beautiful town of Ligurian coast, Italy

Italy’s most romantic honeymoon

Lets’ see: Tuscany, Chianti, Montalcino, Rome and Venice..what else when thinking of Italy. From all I see these are the most requested, but tell me: is it because they are the best known or really because you like them? I often get honeymoon queries where….more than a honeymoon looks like a “tour de force”, 5