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American cake A layer, huge wedding cake… Is that Your dream? Don’t give up! Amaze Your guests with an unforgettable sweet end. A delicious, colored, fine decored cake as perfect crowning-piece of  Your savoury meal: a work of art. A true american cake as You have always desidered. Yes, You deserve it! Only care. Take best

honeymoon wedding in the caribbean

Antigua between white and turquoise

Oh my! Here I am in Antigua checking out venues, hotels, resorts and the mist unique spots for wedding! From January the destination is open and trust me You will experience Antigua like no one before with us! And guess what …… Stay tuned as me, you favorite wedding planner … Will get married here

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Over a decade of planning, I must admit I did see a bit of all….nice brides, wonderfull brides, bridezillas and so on so forth related to groom and relatives 😉 I must admit though, that I have been lucky 😉 The matter is very simple : Once you decide on a planner – should mean

Tasting of craft beer

Every event you will get going will ave a bar … The question is: what sort if bar? I have seen the in the US the bar us great,y appreciated …. And I truly understand why! Trust me. In Italy – the bar has in sense ! Bartenders may be cute , but 90% of

Team at work - team at rest- great success

The team you have as a planner is what make of every event a success! Let me tell you a little abt myself : I plan events since a whole. And trust me I did cone across every sort of vendor in this business- every sort of style, budget, personality and nationality – What makes

brian mcfadden wedding in tuscany

I most definitely will Monica, I don’t know what we would have done without you, we will be renewing are vows on the five year mark and I’d love to go back to the castle! Thanks for that Monica, very much appreciated And thanks again for making my wedding day so perfect, I’m telling everyone

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Destination activities

Ok – finally you decide on your perfect spot and location for the destination wedding – what are the next steps ???? Indeed many – but fun! One thing you need to think of is that a destination wedding is a also a celebration of being together and for many a holiday – so check

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Tell me your dream location

Are you a Dreamer? Are you Romantic? Are you contemporary? Do you love unique spots or hot trends? Rolling hills and a glass of brunello wine, or white sandy beach and a bottle of champagne? Or the combo? I wish to know your thoughts on what the perfect location for your wedding would be. Please

Coktalis negroni

Cocktails and Italy are not exactly the perfect blend …but think about it: Italy is the home of many cocktails and liqueurs that have become famous worldwide like martini e rossi, aperol , cinzano and many more. Sparkling cocktails has made the Italian Aperitivo a real Star : Rossini, Bellini, Tiziano,Mimosa and authentic italian cocktails

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Destination wedding are increasing year by year, and when your save the date goes out: you plan having 50 guests and you end up with more. This is a normal trend, usually you would have a 10%-20% off your invitations. Here are some tips to: Make all come Make some reject It is all up