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Invitations & announcements

Your first challenge! Hard but certainly gratifying! At first write full names, and You get a head start on work. Step nr. 1: guests list and “potential” guests. Exactly! Who You would like to have, who You must have and who… no! Dividing Your wedding list between bride and groom, relatives, friends and potential guests,

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Invitation styles

Choose a detail You like and let it be the leit motiv of the event. Creativity and imagination are welcome, but don’t go too far… a little bit of formality is always tasteful. Invitations are frequently very classic: white or ivory, with relief printing, borders, drawings. They include handwritten envelope (don’t use stickers! They’re terrible

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Elegance and creativity

You found Your prince charming, the soul mate, the true love of Your life and today You’re the undisputed protagonist: it’s time to dress the bridal gown of Your dreams…! Maybe You know wich is the gown of Your dreams, or maybe You have lots of different ideas and You can’t decide… stop for a

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Special shows…

Fireworks, artists hang up water or exhibiting inside bubbles… What You think incredible becomes true only for Your pleasure! Surprise, wow effect… this is our speciality, where we gamble! Ready for cake and toasts? All Your guests are waiting in the space You arranged for the finale? If You organised with care Your wedding party,

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Theme party

Different and funny ideas to celebrate, not only weddings but anniversary, birthday and any other occasions… The only rule, Your fantasy! Give vent to Your imagination and find Your favourite theme. Connect each detail: set-up, entertainmnet, clothing, food and make Your party exclusive. You can develop each theme in many different ways, exactly or creative.

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Special fireworks!

Fireworks, artists hang up water or inside bubbles and much more. What You think incredible becomes true for Your pleasure! Surprise, wow effect… it’s our speciality, where we gamble! After dinner, all guests are guided to a different space for cake and toast. If You organised Your party with care, they’ll undestand there is much

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Rituals and traditions

As preparations preceed, You will discover many surprising aspects about Your wedding. Conventions, customs, traditions enrich both religious and civil weddings. Not only during the ceremony! Most of couples exchange rings or gifts to confirm vows, but before and after that moment follow different traditions in engagement, attire, timing, ceremony site… and many other details!

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Decorate with flowers

Decorate the space: what has to be, would be, mustn’t be there. Balance and measure each element in the space, to create a warm and comfortable ambient where You and Your guests can relax and enjoy the celebration at best. What will be noticed at most on Your wedding day? After the bride people will

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Atmosphere is an essential aspect of Your wedding. Listen and follow different sensations that a location transmit, that will help You decide at best! The right location to choose: it’s not a secondary question! You can opt for a manor house, villas, restaurants, palaces… if You don’t need rooms. They are usually rent for the

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Amusement… for all!

Create a climax to pleasently surprise Your guests every 15 minutes. A cheerful and funny continuity to a charged-up peak. Your party will appear natural, but You have looked after every single detail. There are many features to mind when Your aim is a joyful, amusing party for Your wedding… FOOD Key factor: plan with