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Theme party

Different and funny ideas to celebrate, not only weddings but anniversary, birthday and any other occasions… The only rule, Your fantasy! Give vent to Your imagination and find Your favourite theme. Connect each detail: set-up, entertainmnet, clothing, food and make Your party exclusive. You can develop each theme in many different ways, exactly or creative.

fireworks for wedding events

Special fireworks!

Fireworks, artists hang up water or inside bubbles and much more. What You think incredible becomes true for Your pleasure! Surprise, wow effect… it’s our speciality, where we gamble! After dinner, all guests are guided to a different space for cake and toast. If You organised Your party with care, they’ll undestand there is much

Theme Kids Birthday party Rescue

Amusement… for all!

Create a climax to pleasently surprise Your guests every 15 minutes. A cheerful and funny continuity to a charged-up peak. Your party will appear natural, but You have looked after every single detail. There are many features to mind when Your aim is a joyful, amusing party for Your wedding… FOOD Key factor: plan with

Fat Boy Slim dj Party event

Wow! What an amazing event ! Lived soooo much planning the details with Germaine & Jonathan. The location was fabulous – Timbers newest resort on the Tuscan hills Castello di Casole – with a itinerating wedding ending up to a fabulous party in a modern created lounge fir two celebrity DJ! The theme was :


What an amazing wedding Christel & Paolo were just incredible – I wish you the best !!!’n Xoxoxo M   Published on Grace Ormond Magazine

Tasting of craft beer

Every event you will get going will ave a bar … The question is: what sort if bar? I have seen the in the US the bar us great,y appreciated …. And I truly understand why! Trust me. In Italy – the bar has in sense ! Bartenders may be cute , but 90% of

Bachelorette capuera with tuscan flair

It’s hot, it’s beautiful – great view over Rolling Hills and Kim with her girl friends while Andrew, her husband to be in a couple days is off playing at the Ferrari with his mates! And we are having a pool party – girls only! Cocktails and 2 Brazilian dancers to keep us all fit!!!!!

birthday party fireworks tuscany

A 50’s birthday party in Tuscany

What an amazing night ! A celebration all 50’s theme at the wonderful 5 star country resort in Tuscany. Castello del Nero – The best was a that all this was planned with the wife of the client and was a surprise!!!! We made it: he was speechless and understand the person- was not easy

Coktalis negroni

Cocktails and Italy are not exactly the perfect blend …but think about it: Italy is the home of many cocktails and liqueurs that have become famous worldwide like martini e rossi, aperol , cinzano and many more. Sparkling cocktails has made the Italian Aperitivo a real Star : Rossini, Bellini, Tiziano,Mimosa and authentic italian cocktails